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One of the trade-offs in life is how much time and money you spend on toys, and how much you spend on tools.  Put another way, the trade-off is how much you spend on education, and how much on entertainment.  Today we are sharing some good educational tools.

Today’s product review takes us all the way back to my childhood.  My parents did an excellent job of instilling a love of nature in my life.   One of the tools that they used was the Audubon Society Field Guide series.  These books were high quality!  We had the Field Guides for Rocks and Minerals, Trees, Mammals, and Birds. They were designed to help you identify the object or animal that you were seeing, and gave you some information about them.  This made learning fun – we would see a leaf or a bird or a rock and then search through the guide to figure out what it was.  Solving the mystery was a lot of fun.  

As it turns out, I’m getting old!  As I wrote this post I found out that they have discontinued the paper version and have converted to smartphone apps and a website.  The online site is free when you register.   They have pretty good tools, and a lot of good pictures. The apps range from $5 to $10, and they look very interesting and interactive.  (We have not purchased any of the apps.)  You can still buy used copies of the books on Amazon – just search for Audubon Field Guides in the book section.

Part of your job as a parent is to help shape and direct your child’s interests.  The first step is to show interest yourself.  (Why would they be interested if you aren’t?)  The next step is to get them involved and help them to understand and grasp the concepts.  Most topics get more interesting as you learn more facts about them.  Then you simply encourage them as their interest grows.  Of course they will not grow up to share your exact interests, nor should they, but you can have a significant influence over them if you are purposeful and invest in the proper tools to support you.  The Audubon Society Field Guides are some good tools to use.

Have fun!

Do you like learning about nature?  What are some good reference books, websites, or apps that you recommend?

Not everyone is as excited about nature as I am.  What interests do you want to cultivate in your kids?

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