5 Minutes of Peace

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This past weekend I was at a baby shower for a dear friend. I was so excited to celebrate the birth of her first child!! Awhile ago, I was asked to give a short devotional during the shower and happily accepted. After thinking for awhile, I decided to share some things that I have learned over the years that I would love to pass on to a new mom.

There was one habit that I wished I would have established earlier on in my parenting because I know it would have saved me a lot of stress and worry. This one habit I wanted to encourage her to start now as she begins her parenting career. It really is a simple thing to do, but I think it is one of the hardest things for a mom to actually get done.

If I could only give one piece of advice to a new mom, this is what it would be: Take time to fill yourself up EVERY SINGLE DAY!! It can be just five minutes a day, but those five minutes will be your life line. It will be those few moments of focused time with God that will sustain you through the busy-ness of motherhood.

Raising children is one of the hardest things a person can do. It can also be one of the most rewarding. It is constantly changing and is always challenging you in many areas of your life. The most comforting thing to remember is that your children are not yours, they are the Lord’s. You do not have to do this alone! He put you in charge of raising them and training them, but only He knows exactly what they need.

Praise God, He does not keep it a secret and is more than willing to help us out. All we have to do is ask and He give us what we need to do our job well. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an hour long quiet time to get the information that we need. It can just be five minutes a day. Your time with God is a necessary step that lets you have peace in your heart, your home and in your children. Don’t let Satan trick you into thinking that you must have thirty minutes of uninterrupted “quiet time” to have it be worthwhile and to meet God. God can use ANY time that you give Him to train and equip you to face everything that comes your way!

Five minutes a day can be the difference between chaos and peace. It is worth the effort! Do whatever it takes to make time to read God’s Word every morning. It will get your mind focused on heavenly things and help you view the day through God’s eyes.

As you read scriptures, command them to be fulfilled in your life. Do not just wish them to happen. Believe that God’s promises are true and accept nothing less! Do not allow Satan to cloud your mind with lies and disbelief. Put on your full armor so that you will be able to distinguish truth from lies and win the battle of your life and of your children’s life.  Allow God to speak to you as you take a shower, as you drive the kids to school or you drink your morning coffee. Create a routine where God is the first person you communicate with before you hit Facebook or your email. You will not regret this time!

How have you figured out how to learn from God in the craziness of motherhood? What is one piece of advice you would give to a new mom?

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