Veteran’s Day – Who Are You Fighting For?

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Thank you to all active and reserve military personnel, and thank you to all of the vets who have served.  We appreciate your sacrifices to keep us free.  Your service is an inspiration!

I’ve never fought in a war, but those who have, have described the reasons that they fight:

  1. For their survival
  2. For a cause and country
  3. For their brothers

Fighting to survive is normal.  Fighting for a cause and a country is noble, and it can keep your mind focused on the greater meaning that your life can play.  However, I would argue that the highest cause of all is fighting for the man or woman who is beside you.  I have read some books lately that were written by soldiers, and each one gets back to this point.  You are fighting for the buddies beside you.    

I think that this is a good reminder for those of us who are fighting the battle of life.  It is totally different, I know, but we are still asked to ‘fight the good fight.’  We need to fight for our kids, fight for our marriage, and fight for our friends.  Passivity will get us killed one way or another, and our friends may need us to step up and help them.

Men especially need to make sure that we are alert and ready to do what we need to do.  We are wired to serve and protect…to fight when necessary.  (This is why we enjoy competitions of all kinds, including sports and guns and hunting and video games.)  We have responsibility for those around us – we can support, encourage, protect, and inspire.  Even when we are tired or discouraged, we can remember that we are not just fighting for ourselves.  We have a much greater purpose!

On this Veteran’s Day, take a moment to thank a vet.  Take a moment to thank God for a country where we can be free.  And then take a moment to think about who you are fighting for.  Is your life inspiring them to greater things?  Are you pulling together as a team?  Are you fighting to protect and serve?

Other Resources:

Here’s a good song from Warren Barfield:

If you haven’t watched Fireproof and Courageous, they are good reminders of a man’s responsibility to fight.

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