Ultimate Purposeful Christmas Lists For Grown-Ups!

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Adults are always hard to buy for, especially the ones who seem to have it all.  Whether it is a coworker, a relative, or your spouse, it is sometimes hard to start out with a blank slate.  If you are trying to think of things to put on your own wish list, of course you want to put some fun, impractical things on there that you would never buy for yourself.  But you may also want to put some more practical things on there as well.  We usually try to put some items on the list that are tools, not toys.  For example, over the years I have asked for and received a lot of fun scrapbooking supplies, sewing equipment, and kitchen gadgets.  It is amazing how my collection has grown by getting a couple items at a time, and I can use these items to bless others and (sometimes) to save money.  Nate has asked for a lot of garden equipment and construction tools.  He also has asked for computer and electronic gadgets that are really pretty useful, but are still fun for someone else to buy for him.  By thinking ahead and patiently waiting until Christmas, we are able to receive fun but practical gifts from those who want to bless us!  *

Whether giving or receiving, here are a few out of the ordinary ideas to help you round out your Christmas lists.

For the men in your life:

  • Air compressor (Nate has this one from Harbor Freight)
  • Knife (Link to OPL Pen and the Sword)
  • Zebra pens (Link to OPL Pen and the Sword)
  • Movie Tickets
  • Cheap, compact screwdriver set (You can get them anywhere, but here is an example that has a nice case that can easily fit in your junk drawer)
  • iTunes gift card
  • Specialty snack: almonds, beef jerky
  • Gadget for one of their hobbies (may need to ask one of his friends for help)
  • Gift card to a shooting range, golf course, or another outing he would enjoy
  • Book on cd for those who drive a lot (Nate’s list)
  • Flashlight
  • Grill brush or basket
  • Travel or regular coffee mug
  • For your husband:  Dating Diva game (OPL: Spouses Only…Games)
  • Gift card to home store
  • Computer gadgets, including flash drives
  • Any type of accessory for his phone/tablet/gadget, such as portable chargers, cases, etc

For the women in your life:

  • Fun pens- My favorites are Ultra Fine tip sharpies
  • Lifeway Women Devotions $5 CD
  • Journals
  • Gift card for pampering: mani/pedi/massage
  • Gadget for their hobby (may need to ask a friend for help on this one 😉
  • Notes full of encouragement
  • Scarf
  • The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer
  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
  • Kitchen gadget to make her life easier: apple peeler, small food processor, onion chopper, ice cream scoop,
  • Favorite expensive candy
  • Fun cup for drinks or coffee
  • Nail polish
  • Mother’s ring or necklace
  • Gift card to favorite clothing or shoe store
  • Picture frame (with personalize picture for extra credit)
  • Super soft blanket for snuggling
  • Christmas ornament that reminds you or a special moment with her
  • Bath salts, her favorite lotion, candles, or anything else that smells good
  • Decorative seasonal serving tray, bowl or platter

These are just some simple ideas that we have come up with that have helped us to either make a list or buy for someone who didn’t give us a list.  What is an example of a small gift that was very helpful or fun that you have enjoyed?

*We don’t want to take away the magic of the season, so we still love to give and receive spontaneous items that are not on any lists but simply came from the heart.  There is a balance!  

We want to hear from you!