Thankful For My Spouse

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This month we are trying to live a life of thankfulness, and today we are focusing on how we can be thankful for our spouse.  There are several reasons that it is wonderful for us to think about this question and to remind ourselves of why we are thankful.  It is even more powerful when we tell them.  Often!

God put you together for a reason.  To make each other holy. To help you become who God created you to be.  To encourage you, build you up, challenge you, change you.  Your spouse is a vital part of all of these things.

To get ourselves started, we sat down and listed out things about our spouse that make us thankful.

Here are some of them:

Cruise 2010

Cruise 2010

Why I’m thankful for Nate

  • He encourages me and challenges me to dream, and to dream big.  He helps me have the confidence that I need to accomplish my goals.
  • He has a vision for our family and works hard to make it happen.
  • He has a strong work ethic.  He doesn’t complain, and works hard willingly and with integrity.
  • He has a servant heart for me and the kids.  He always puts others’ needs before his own.
  • He has a drive to get better.  He never settles or coasts.  He is a constant learner.

Why I’m thankful for Dana

  • She has a strong desire to live for God and to serve God
  • She is very organized, good manager of our home, good money manager
  • She is a great cook
  • She teaches our kids everything they need to know, from the Bible to math to history to character to nature.
  • She has a deep desire to please me and take care of me.
  • She respects me, and is always trying to show me that she does.
  • (I had a couple more, but Dana made me take them out!)

These are just some examples.  Please take some time to jot down ideas about your spouse.  It is so rewarding for both of you!

Some days we focus on what the other person isn’t…it is much more productive to focus on what they are!  Celebrate their strengths and do not let yourself become annoyed by their weaknesses.  For example, I could let myself get frustrated when Nate is indecisive, or when he is not as firm with the kids as I would like.  However, instead I should be thankful that I am married to a kind and tender man who treats me very well.  As you can probably tell, those positives and negatives go together.  On the flip side, Nate sometimes gets annoyed with my drive to be organized, to get the house clean, or to plan the details of some far-off event.   But he has been reminded that these same traits have helped him with budgeting and with the accomplishment of many of his goals.

Remember, together you are a new, better being.  You are iron, sharpening iron.  You have a lot to be thankful for!  Take some time today to reflect on these things.  Even better, set aside some time this week where you can talk about these things with your spouse.  It is a great way to build each other up, and it will be a wonderful time of encouragement.

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