Summer Mommy Camp

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Summer is here!! I cannot believe it. So far this year has flown by…even faster than the last.  We have reached summer, which means that our school-aged kids suddenly have a lot more free time.  That free time means that I sign my kids up for Mommy Camp.  Mommy Camp is awesome for Mommy, and the kids are still young enough that they think it is awesome too.

What do they do at Mommy Camp?  Well, one year in Mommy Camp they learned how to do laundry. Now the girls (7 and 9) do their own laundry all by themselves from start to finish. Luke (5) can load his clothes into the machines and then put them away afterward. He just needs help starting the machines since we don’t have a stool in there. Jacob (2) is excellent at pushing/dragging all the baskets to the laundry room in a rapid, efficient way.  

Another year at Mommy Camp we worked on cleaning the house. With the skills they learned at Mommy Camp they are now able to vacuum, dust, mop and wipe down a bathroom. One of the best cleaning tricks I have ever  learned is putting a container of Clorox wipes in each bathroom and having the kids wipe down the bathrooms each morning.

This year at Mommy Camp we are learning how to cook. My goal is to have at least five meals that the kids (mainly the girls) can make from start to finish. This might come in handy on a busy night or on a relaxing weekend. Plus they are interested and excited about it so I am wanting to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

This summer we are also splitting the house into 6 zones. The three big kids have 1 zone in the morning and 1 zone in the afternoon that they are responsible for cleaning up. They are in charge of making sure everything in that room is picked up and put away. Once a week and as needed they are to vacuum that area too. I am hoping to instill a mindset of always picking up after yourself instead of leaving it for later or for the next person to do. If a sister is constantly picking up the socks of a brother or a brother is constantly picking up a stuffed animal of a sister I am sure they will politely remind each other of this common courtesy!   🙂

Mommy Camp is a chance to give our kids the practical skills that they need to succeed in life.  But more than that, we are helping them develop good habits and learn life principles.  Joe McGee instilled in his kids that “you should always leave a room better than how you found it.” I think this is such a great principle to get deep down in our hearts. This principle can then be carried on to how you interact with others or in your job. You should always leave a person in a better state of mind than when you first walked into the room. You should always do more in your job than what is required or with a godly attitude just because you want to be a blessing.  We should always strive to be a light, to be a blessing and that mind set can begin with chores in the home. What a perfect training ground for your children!

What chores do you have your children do around the house? I mentioned one principle we are trying to teach through chores. What are other ones you are trying to instill in your children? Please share in the comments below!!

Here is our Summer Chores Chart explaining each of the kid’s responsibilities.


Summer Responsibilities

Here is Luke’s picture chart since he can’t read all the words yet!   🙂


Picture Chores

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