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We have officially ran out of our freezer snacks and breakfast meals so we spent some time last week on early dismissal day loading up the freezer again.

This time we stayed with our tried and true egg muffins and pancake muffin recipes, but I bought a 48 muffin tin pan that made life so much quicker!!! Gotta love the 50% off coupons at Michaels!!

We did add one amazing breakfast item that will be a frequent flyer in our freezer now. They work great for healthy snacks too.  They are…

Yogurt Granola Bites Let your creativity fly with this one. We used Aldi granola and used 6 different kinds of yogurt. We only put blueberries on top of ours because that is what we had but you could do any berry. We have to limit each person to 3 a day because they would be gone in a flash if we didn’t.


I was trying to find some veggie muffin options for my kid’s school lunch since carrots and peppers can get old after awhile. We tried two new recipes. Nate and I liked them. (I actually liked them a lot) but the kids weren’t big fans. Maybe your kids will like them….

Vegetable fritters: These of course are best right out of the frying pan. I warmed some up in the toaster oven and it wasn’t too bad. The microwave worked they just weren’t crisp. I actually really loved these and didn’t mind the softness.

Savory Muffins: Don’t understand why they didn’t like these cheesy delights… I should have given them more casseroles as babies!

I’m trying to increase my salty snack ideas so we tried these two recipes. Unfortunately my salt loving husband isn’t a fan of the ranch dressing seasoning but the kids are eating them up.

Goin Fishin Chex Mix we went cheap and just used regular pretzels instead of fish shaped. We also used only 7 cups of the Chex cereal and bumped up the amount of pretzel and cheese crackers. We let our eyes do the mixing.

Ranch Oyster Crackers This is a staple snack at our annual college friends’ get together. I have never made it, so today was the day.

We eat a ton of granola bars in our house so I am always looking for new recipes to try to make them cheaper and healthier than the store-bought kinds.

No Bake Chocolate Chip Granola  Bars: This was a good, simple recipe. Definitely double or quadruple it because one recipe will only last you two snack times if you are lucky.

The last successful try was these yummy treats.

Blueberry and Peach Empanadas: I clearly need cooking lessons on how to use pastry pie crust successfully! They looked disastrous but they tasted awesome. We upped the amount of blueberries and didn’t regret it.

What are your favorite after school snacks or freezer meal breakfast items??


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