Respect For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner!

For some reason, it always sneaks up on me. We have the end of the school year hubbub and then Memorial Day festivities and then boom we are at Father’s Day. This is such an important day to celebrate your father and also your husband, the father of your children. I decided to give you a little heads up ahead of time in case you are like me.

My kids LOVE their daddy. They love to spend time with him, work in the garden with him, go on bike rides with him…really do anything with him. They consider Saturdays the best day of the week because it is a day that we get to spend the whole day with him. Recently Nate did a bunch of construction work in our garage and willingly allowed the kids to learn and help along the way. Each morning Jake would wake up, grab his shoes and head for the garage door calling out dada. No matter what day of the week it was, he did it. Even a couple weeks later, when we go into the garage he points to all the new shelves and says, “dada, dada.” As young as 20 months, he still treasures time with his dad.


I feel it is my job as a mom to teach my kids to honor and respect their dad. I was convicted a few years back that my frustrations with Nate’s late work days could affect my children’s relationship with their dad. When I muttered, “Daddy will be late again” I sent the wrong message to my kids. If taken incorrectly my children could get the message that work was more important in Nate’s eyes than his children (which has NEVER been the case). Instead I could take this opportunity to instill gratefulness. I should say, “Wow isn’t it great that daddy loves us so much that he works hard for us so that we can have food, this home, our clothes etc.”

Think about your husband’s primary love language. Is it gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, affection or quality time? Teach your kids to speak his language too. Have them make a gift for him, or help pick up sticks so it is easier for him to mow the next time. Make sure they greet him at the door with a big hug and kiss. Or figure out ways they can spend time together. It is important to respect your husband in front of your kids. They learn admiration and love for their dad by the way you talk and act around him. We need to make sure we are teaching them well.

Here are two poems that my friend Ruth wrote last year for Father’s Day. She wanted to point out to her husband ways that he is making a difference in the lives of his children. She watched and observed the interactions between her hubby and their children and watched the amazing influence that he was having in shaping their kids into the people God created them to be, and then she put her observations into words. Please take these next few days to observe your husband and kids. Focus on the positive and then take the time to put your gratefulness into words or actions to bless your spouse this coming Father’s Day. You words mean more to him than anyone else’s – use them to speak life.

Here are the Father’s Day poems from Ruth:

FathersDayPoemDaughter   FathersDayPoemSon

FathersDayPoem- Daughter                                  FathersDayPoem – Son


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