Reflections On My Daughter’s birthday

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Last week my second daughter had her birthday. Rebekah brings such a unique twist to our family.  Of course we have a lot in common, but we also have a lot of ways that we are different.  I am still figuring her out, because she is in so many ways my opposite.  But it isn’t a bad thing – opposites can be wonderful.  She, like my husband, has often challenged me to look at life through a different lens. And even though at times I do not understand her, I can learn from her.  Because God has made her and gifted her differently, she is helping me become a more well-rounded person. She is such a blessing and a joy.

So today here are lessons to learn from Rebekah:

1.)    Life is a song, sing it loudly and boldly. I don’t think 5 minutes can go by without Rebekah belting something out. I am one who likes peace and quiet so at times I wish the joyous noise would go to the basement. However, music can turn a day around in a flash. I can be too serious at times and allow my mind to go in all kinds of directions. Music, when used correctly, can bring your mind back under control. It can paint a picture that is beautiful and uplifting. Or it can be so silly, you just have to laugh.

2.)    Take pictures. We decided to give Rebekah a camera for her birthday because she is always wanting to use ours to capture a moment. Like her Daddy, she has a knack for taking the most unique, perfect picture. She reminds me that nothing is too insignificant to take notice and admire. Taking pictures is a good reminder that you should remember the events of your life. In remembering you realize how blessed you really are and how God has taken care of you.

3.)    Love passionately. Squeeze a little harder and hold on a little longer. Rebekah’s top love language is touch. Mine as you have learned over the year is not touch. Since infanthood she finds comfort in wrapping all her limbs around as many body parts as she could when she wants to snuggle. Even tonight I put the kids to bed and forgot to kiss them good night. So she took it upon herself to come and get it. She is the perfect example of freely giving love to her family.

Do any of these lessons click with you?

Do you have a child who is stretches you and helps you grow?  What lessons do they teach you?

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