My Fall Semester

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It is back to school time. The girls are back in school. The boys and I have started to settle into our new schedule of worksheets and ‘preschool’. As I was starting to get a game plan on what I would like Luke to learn this fall, the thought dawned on me…”What should I be learning?”

We should always be learning something. God wired us that way. When we aren’t learning we get bored and boredom almost always leads to trouble.

So, as of today I have decided that that I am going to enroll in two classes this fall! 

The first class is Walking in Your God-Given Purpose 201. The description of this class is “learning who you are in Christ and becoming confident in your gifts and talents so that you can use them for God’s glory.” The required textbooks for this course are The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker and the Bible.

My second course is Learning About the Man Nathan Hanson 201. The description of this class is “learning about what makes Nathan Hanson tick. The student will learn about his likes, dislikes, fears, goals and learn about what motivates him to become the man God created him to be.” The curriculum includes Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, Personal Interviews with Nathan Hanson, The Bible and Discovery Cards.

It is amazing to me how people change over time, sometimes dramatically. Every time Nate and I sit down and talk and dream, I am always surprised by something. Sometimes it is a like or dislike of his that I didn’t know about, other times it is a goal of his that I haven’t heard about. On almost every wedding card I give, I always give this advice, NEVER stop dating! Think about it. When you were dating you were purposefully trying to get to know your future spouse. You were learning about them and trying to figure out what pleased them. You wanted to make them happy and to serve them, so you tried to gather all the information you could so that you could bless them and bless them well. This should not stop when you say “I do.” This should be a life long class, where you are constantly striving to get an A+. (Unfortunately for you, Nathan Hanson 201 is only open to one student per life and I already took that spot. But I am sure you could find a similar course that will fit your family a little better!!)  😉

If you don’t know where to begin learning about your husband, I recommend the prerequisite course, which is Learning About Your Husband 101. The curriculum for this class is Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerich and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The required reading for Learning about your Husband 102 are For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn and Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Walking in Your God Given Purpose 201 is open to anyone. Have you realized that in every season of life God has a purpose and a plan for you? It can stay the same throughout your life, and some plans do, but for the most part your purpose does change and evolve into something bigger and better, if you let it. If I asked you to name two current plans God has for your life this current year, would you be able to list them? If so, GREAT!! Make sure you are getting your game plan together to accomplish those goals. (Your curriculum may look different than the course I am taking. Spend time asking God what your hang ups are and then spend time in the Word focusing on the truth that speaks to those hang ups or lies. Then find resources that will help you walk out that truth.)

If you can’t come up with your specific purpose, think about why you can’t. Is it because you haven’t taken the time to sit down and pray about it? If that is the case then I encourage you to take the prerequisite course Your God Given Purpose 101. The curriculum for this class is watching these two short videos by Joe McGee and

If you are not confident that God has a plan for you or you don’t understand how God could use you then the next course Your God-Given Purpose 102 is for you. The books for this class are So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore, Captivating by Stasi Eldredge and Bait of Satan by John Bevere. Then spend time praying asking God to reveal your life’s purpose. Allow God to heal your brokenness and wounds so that you can boldly and courageously walk out His call for your life.

What “classes” are you going to enroll in this year? These are just the classes that I need to take – what classes do you need?


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