I will NEVER…


I will never build a house.
I will never homeschool.
I will never have an animal when my kids are young.
I will never write.
I will never have a fourth kid. (said after we had our 3rd)
I will never adopt.

These are some of my “nevers” that I have told God. I am a pretty stubborn person, and when I get something in my head I have a hard time changing my mind. My husband has learned over the years to just nod his head and let me talk. Then secretly I think he laughs, knowing that someday I will change my mind and see more clearly what God has in store for us.  He is smart enough to know that for now it is not worth arguing over.

For example: I have adamantly said from the very beginning that we will not homeschool our kids.  I’ve said that they will either go to private or public school, but I will not homeschool them. I did have some logic behind this never, or so I thought.  My husband and I are firm believers in getting a solid education and going on to get a college degree, and growing up I knew of a few families that homeschooled and the product of that homeschool was not to be desired. I didn’t know that you could actually provide a good education through homeschooling until I was married and starting to go to our current church.  We have several families in our church who homeschool for part or all of their children’s education and much to my amazement you can do it and do it well! Then I softened a little and said, homeschool is for “some” families but not for ours.

But then I started having kids, and they started getting preschool and school aged, and I began to put together curriculums!  And buying desks!  And organizing outings! We put together a Bible curriculum and an outing curriculum to teach our kids about the Bible and about the world around us. We love to explore and see God’s beautiful creation. We love to take Bible stories to the next level so that we can learn from the mistakes of some and strive to have the same character qualities of others. As I dive deeper into the training of our children I am understanding the benefit of teaching and training your children through homeschooling.  Before I even realized it, God had taken my ‘Never’ and turned it into a ‘Maybe Someday…’

Right now our daughters attend our church’s school – Hannah in 2nd and Rebekah in Kindergarten, and we love it. So currently, we are not homeschooling our children, but I am loving the impact I can have on their understanding of God.  We are really enjoying the process of teaching them to live in this crazy world. Someday we might decide to homeschool all subjects, but even if we don’t, my “never” has still become a “maybe” after many long battles, I mean talks, with God!

Oh, and those other nevers?  Well, I’ll tell you about those another time! 🙂

What “never” in your life has God changed to a “Maybe”?


Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

5 thoughts on “I will NEVER…

  1. Billy Kittle says:

    I’m with Nathan on this one. I just laugh inside when I hear Jessica say “never”. Jessica has done the same on many things…only to do exactly what that “never” was a few years later. I’ve continually found throughout my life that you can learn to do anything…especially if someone else has already done it. Thanks so much for your column Dana and maybe one day you’ll build that house, and when you do, I hope it’s next to us!

    1. Dana says:

      You are right Billy, you can learn to do anything with God’s help. I know for me a lot of my nevers are based out of fear or my own insecurities. When I finally turn those over to God, my eyes are open to new possibilities. I have a feeling most of my nevers will turn into completions in some way or other before my life is through.

  2. So true – never say never! I remember a conversation we had over coffee more than a year ago. Something about never homeschooling and in the next topic your excitement over that Bible curriculum. And the look on your face when I remarked that it looks like you’re heading that direction. 😉 The fact is, no matter matter where the kids go to school, we are schooling them every day of their lives. A privilege and a blessing.

    1. Dana says:

      You are so right, Calista. We are “homeschooling” no matter if it is formal or informal! Sometimes (or all the time) we don’t even realize that God has already been at work in your life preparing you for what He has called you to do. If we would just stop and listen to Him, He would reassure us that with Him we have all that we need to do whatever He has called us to do!

  3. Molly says:

    I laughed when I read your title, because this year has been full of those “I will never” turn arounds. I always said I would work and “never” stay home with my kids, and now I cannot even imagine doing anything else! I also may have uttered the words “I will never homeschool” and now it is a real possibility for our kids’ futures. I love that we serve a God that work with our stubbornness!

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