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Halloween is not my favorite holiday. It is a time where evil seems to be more prevalent and even celebrated. Adults and children dress in costumes that at times even scare me! To be honest, I would prefer to turn off all the lights and sit in my basement with a cup of hot apple cider and a movie. However, Halloween actually provides Christians with an amazing opportunity to let our lights shine brightly on an otherwise dark night.  There are many ways to do this, I’m sure, but in today’s post we will give examples of two places where you can shine your light.  

In Your Home

I was out of town a week ago and was at a church that was promoting their Halloween idea. They usually had a Trunks of Treats at their church, but this year they were encouraging families to create a fun atmosphere in their own homes instead. They suggested that several families get together to provide games, food and candy for their neighbors and trick-or-treaters. The church wanted their members to be seen in their neighborhoods and for others to recognize their homes as a place of safety, fun and love. The congregation was to be among their neighbors, loving and serving them. I thought this was a creative and good idea.

At Your Church

Our church has focused on outreach for the last several years. Nate and I have a passion for outreach, so we love the church’s focus on this topic. Our church is located on a major street and is surrounded by neighborhoods and apartments, making it the perfect location for events and outreaches. For years our church has hosted very successful Trunks of Treat events with many visitors and a lot of fun. This year we thought we would take it up one more notch. Along with the usual free candy, popcorn and stories, this year we are adding carnival type games to our festivities.

We pray that in including games, we are providing our church members a few extra minutes with each visiting child. We hope this will give us an opportunity to make a connection with them, to show them the love of Christ, and make them feel welcome to come back and see us again.

Halloween is one night when hundreds or even thousands of people come out of their homes and willingly engage with others. Don’t be like me and turn off your lights and hide from this wonderful opportunity. Go out and be among the people, whether it is at your church or in your own neighborhood. Take the opportunity to show love to some people who you may otherwise never meet.  Be a light!!

How to set up a great Halloween event:

  1. Lots of Candy (of course)
  2. Refreshments:  popcorn and water, hotdogs if you are ambitious
  3. Storytime: See below.
  4. Fun decorations:  Creative people can think of great ways to incorporate Biblical stories
  5. Carnival Games:  bean bag toss, ring toss, knock down Goliath, go fishing for Jonah, etc.

Here are links to ways you can use a pumpkin to deliver the salvation message:

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Lights

  1. Hi Dana! We have two nights for our event for this year since communities here trick or treat on different days. So far things have gone really well using our homes rather than the church for outreach. We are excited to see how God will be using our Light Up the Night this year. Thanks for the post today! Good thoughts!

    1. Dana says:

      So glad it went well. Ours had a great turnout to. Praying that lots of seeds were planted!

  2. Heather says:

    Kaleb and I did “Reverse Trick or Treat”. We baked some pumpkin cookies and apple bread. Then he dressed up as a cute little monkey and we have been going to the homes of some of the elderly in our community to treat them.

    1. Dana says:

      That is an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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