Fun Games to Play – Spouses Only! ;-)

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Last week was Valentine’s Day! If you forgot or didn’t quite have time to get something, we have got you covered! Awhile back I came across the website for the Dating Divas. This website is devoted to dating your spouse to keep your marriage alive and thriving. As you have probably gathered, we are firm believer of keeping the intimate part of your relationship healthy. Now don’t get me wrong, we slip too and it falls down the priority chain. But we have committed to doing everything we can to keep it in its proper place. It is so important to have regular check-up conversations to make sure this part of your marriage doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

One way to slow down and really take the time to pour love into each other is to play a fun game. We aren’t talking about using objects to enhance your interaction but just taking the time to bless each other. All you need is you, your spouse and one of these games printed out on paper.

One of our go-to games is the Memory match game. To play you find a match and then do the suggested prompt. Look them over, if there are any that you wouldn’t like or be comfortable with, take them out. This game can take a while if you play all the cards and play it the correct way. We modify it and leave the unmatched cards facing up and just do the prompt once the matching card is found.

Dating Divas: Matching Game

The next game is a play on the TV show Deal or No Deal. This is a quick one. One spouse plays the game and gets to choose which deal they would like to take home. Then the other spouse can play the next time around. (Again, take out any cards that either spouse doesn’t feel comfortable with.)

Dating Divas: Deal or No Deal

The website also has some fun ideas for gifts and going out on dates that are cheap and creative when you have time to check it out. I haven’t completely checked out the site, but I have gotten some good ideas and wanted to share them with you.

These games may not be your style, and that is absolutely fine!  The principle is that it is important to keep your Marital Intimacy strong.  It is important that you have fun, and remember that variety is the spice of life!  Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut.  Another element is that Marital Intimacy improves when both spouses initiate and are mentally engaged in it.  We have found that these fun games help us to accomplish all of these things.  Take some time to think about how you can strengthen your marriage through Marital Intimacy.

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