Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Here are some fun Father’s Day ideas for your kids to do for their dad.

Jelly Bean Father’s Day Jar:

I filled a mason jar with jelly beans and then put the flavor code on the outside. For example Blue was “strong” instead of blueberry. White was “Integrity” instead of coconut. I got this idea off of Pinterest but the link is no longer available. You can still see the picture on my Father’s Day Pinterest board but it doesn’t take you to the free printable anymore. Jelly Beans just happen to be one of my husband’s favorite treats so that was an added bonus.

My Dad Interview:

There are so many interview question and ideas. I looked up several different ones online and then picked the ones that worked for my kids and husband. Then I sat down with each kid and asked them the questions. I wrote down exactly what they said instead of guiding their answers or correcting them. One of my kids said Nate was 10 feet tall and weighed 20 pounds. It was wrong, but super cute.

Pictures of My Boys in Nate’s Clothes:

I dressed the boys in items of clothes that represent my husband. One was in a shirt and tie for his job. One was in a Chicago Bears shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. Then they held “props” that represent him. I uploaded my picture to Walgreens and turned it into a Father’s Day card. On the inside I simply stated, “Daddy, I want to be just like you.” For the girls I dressed them in pretty outfits and put a sweet, loving note on the inside.

DSCN2312  DSCN2322

What I Love About My Daddy:

For Nate’s 30th Birthday, I had the kids come up with 30 things that they love about him. Some things were character traits, some were activities and some were just cute. For those that could write at the time they just wrote the answers on a paper. The other ones drew pictures or I wrote it for them. This really touched Nate and was a lot of fun for the kids to do.

The Gift that He has Always Wanted:

Depending on your stage of life and your budget you can also give your husband a gift that “he has always wanted.” My husband is easy and a new book, history DVD or music is always a big hit. When our budget is tighter we have bought needed work clothes. For special years, like when he turned 30 I bought him tickets to the semi-final game of the Big 12 basketball tournament.

Favorite Meal:

We use special days like this to splurge a little on food. Instead of going out, we stay in and cook a special meal. Sometimes it is steak, sometimes salmon. If I am extra ambitious then I get the china out. I also try to make some of his favorite sides and desserts, and in our house it is a 3 bean salad and Cherry Pie.


My birthday cherry pie this year.

Do An Activity Together:

Do something together that he would like, not what you think would be fun. Go on a bike ride, plant a garden, go to a sporting event. Maybe let him take the lead on the planning, or do all the planning yourself if you think that would mean more to him.

Free Time:

Work it out so that he can go play football with a friends or do a game night with his buddies. Even bette,r go watch him play football or basketball and be his cheerleaders from the sidelines.

Undivided Attention:

Wives, I’m sure most husbands would say, they just want YOU. Make sure you save enough time and energy to love on him at some point during the day. Clear your mind and schedule beforehand so that you can be completely present and focused on him in your time together. Make it a night that he will remember 😉 Do a little extra something. It is his day, make it special!

Hopefully these ideas jumpstart your own creativity. Take one of these and make it your own. Or come up with your own; you know your hubby better than anyone else does. Please share other ideas you have done in the past that went over well.

Be creative and have fun!


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