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Is your relationship with God like drinking eight full glasses of water a day, or more like an occasional cup of coffee? I would say for most of my life I have been more like a morning cup of coffee with a two-pm-pick-me-up kind of gal. I pray, I do, but it was more of an “as-needed” type of relationship. I would drink down a morning prayer as I stumbled out of bed to try and start my day on the right foot. Then right after lunch I would either take a nap or get my second dose of God to get me through the rest of the day. Not very often did I treat my relationship like 64 ounces of refreshing and rehydrating liquid. I didn’t normally grab my water bottle at the start of the day and keep it by my side to make sure that I got it all in by the end of the night. Now there would be weeks were I would go on a God binge and get in some extra shots, especially right before I need to make a major decision or if something was really bothering me. And this worked fairly well, up until this last year.

Wake Up Call

Let’s just say between work, family, friends and my own personal life I have never been shaken to my core more than I have been this last year. I have never been so mentally, physically and emotionally crushed. I began to question who I was as a person and the value I give to this world. My foundation had been shaken and I no longer knew which way was up. I found myself on the ground doing the one thing that I should have been doing all along: Talking with God. I spent time with God. I was with God. I began to realize that God didn’t just want a 7 am or even a 2 pm coffee date with me. He wanted to be my water bottle right by my side to get in those eight glasses each day. He wanted to refresh me. He wanted to supply me with my basic and most important need. 

John 4:14 (NLT) But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

Prayer needed to be a daily, hourly even minute by minute part of my life. I began to realize that God cared about every aspect of my life. Even about which rug I should buy for my front entryway! (I prayed that I would find the perfect one and as I drove past a random furniture store I felt The Lord telling me to go in…and we found the perfect one for a great price!!)

Talking to God God wants to communicate with us. He longs for it! He loved to walk and talk with Adam and Eve in the garden!  Prayer is a two way street. It takes both talking and listening to really make it work. I think so many of us, myself included have the talking part down really well. Not only do I have the talking part down well, but I am also a pretty good problem solver! 😉 The one problem with this type of relationship is I sometimes, or maybe often, miss the real issue at hand or the more perfect solution to the situation. As I began to process the ups and downs of the year, I realized that I had not been emphasize the best part of prayer. It is a wonderful privilege and blessing to talk with God, but it is even more amazing that we get to hear from God!


Do you realize that God wants to speak to you? He longs to heal your hurts and show you the next step. Do you realize that He has great plans for you that are full of joy, hope and love? He desperately wants to reveal those plans to you, if only you would just stop and listen. He also wants to save you from disappointment, embarrassment and hurts. If only we would hold our tongue, pause, ask and then listen for that still, small voice to offer counsel.

Walk With God

Prayer is so important. Never underestimate its power!! I love how John Eldredge puts it in the book Walking with God, “Whatever our situation in life-butcher, baker, candlestick maker-our deepest and most pressing need is to learn to walk with God. To hear his voice. To follow him intimately. It is the most essential turn of events that could ever take place in the life of any human being, for it brings us back to the source of life. Everything else we long for can then flow forth from this union.”

When we learn to just be with God we tap into His wisdom, His knowledge, His ability to forgive and love unconditionally. We allow truth to be spoken into our hearts and minds. We give a place for healing to occur and paths to be discovered. So my challenge to you today is to take a moment, to pause and be still. Allow God the opportunity to speak. You will never be disappointed!  And you will be refreshed!


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  1. Ruth Larkin says:

    Great post! Lots of good reminders and food for thought – thanks!!

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