Christmas Activities

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Last years short, but FAT tree :-)

Christmas time is full of family traditions. As our kids get older, I cherish these moments with them. I love to watch the excitement on their faces. Christmas time becomes magical when you watch through the eyes of your children.

One of the first Christmas activities that we do is go and pick out our Christmas tree. I love having a real tree and going to a tree farm is one of my favorite things to do. It brings me so much joy to watch our kids run up and down the rows trying to find The Perfect Tree. The perfect tree in my book is fat and full. The height doesn’t matter as much as the thickness. Here is our post from last year sharing our favorite tree farms here in Kansas City.

My next favorite Christmas activity is driving around town looking at Christmas lights. Depending on the year and the ages of the kids this can be a two to four hour long outing. The kids get in their pajamas. I pack a sack supper to eat in the car along with lots of fun treats and drinks to pull out along our way. Nate (always the sound guy) gets his iPod set with lots of Christmas music and we throw in Charlie Brown’s Christmas DVD to watch after we see all the lights . Here is our Christmas lights tour that we take around the KC area.

This year we will be adding a new favorite. Our church is presenting Redeeming Birth – A Walk Through Bethlehem. The girls, Nate and I will each be playing a part in this experience. To quote the website, it is a way to “experience the city of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. See people at work in the marketplace with busy shopkeepers and vendors everywhere. Smell the fragrant scents of herbs, spices, and breads. See the potters, weavers, and carpenters at work, purchase their wares. Visit a crowded inn and a humble stable where the King of Kings was born!”  So if you are in the KC area the first two weekends of December you should reserve a spot. This is something you and your family will not want to miss.

And of course, don’t forget Advent!

Whether you do these activities or create your own, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to slow down and spend some quality time with you spouse and children.

What are your favorite Christmas activities and traditions?

We want to hear from you!