Character Card: Boldness versus Fear

Batman can do anything he puts his mind to!!!

Today we are giving away the second Character Card in the series. The first Character Card talked about Selflessness. The second Character Card talks about Boldness.

It is so important to equip our children at a very young age with ways to combat fear. Remember, to actually change,the kids need to know what the Scriptures say about it.  If they understand the ‘Why’ then they will be able to apply the principle in a variety of situations as they get older.

This is where Character Cards are so helpful. We tried to break down each trait and find the root.  Why are we constantly having issues with this?  What is the character trait?  Then we looked for Biblical examples of the positive and negative sides of the character trait.  Kids (and adults) learn best from stories, and by making the stories relatable, we are:

  1. Giving them a good examples
  2. Teaching them that the Bible is relevant and helpful for figuring out what to do in our own life

You will see from these Character Cards that for every trait there is a good and a bad at opposite ends of the spectrum.  We want to make our kids aware of the decisions that they are making.  We are teaching our kids that whether you intend to or not, you have a good or a bad decision that you can make in each and every situation.  My family calls it a wise decision and a foolish decision.

Batman can do anything he puts his mind to!!!

Batman can do anything he puts his mind to!!!

This month’s Character Card focuses on how to be bold instead of fearful. Like we talked about last week, fear is something everyone deals with at some point in your life. But with God’s help we can combat this emotion and not allow it to hinder us from doing what God has called us to do. In this lesson there will be a Bible Story to read, followed by discussion questions. The next section will help you apply the principles of the story to your everyday life. Feel free to add your own personal examples. At the end of the lessons are other Bible verses that go along with the lesson to complement what you have learned. We pray these are a blessing to your family as you all continue to grow in your faith.

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 It’s Not Complicated

Here is a video that proves that character development can be fun!

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