C13: Love is not Self-Seeking Part 3

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We moms are generally not self-seeking…whether by choice or out of love. We (and dads too) have to stay up in the night soothing a crying baby or a scared toddler. We miss out on a play date or church because of a sick child. We forgo a relaxing shower and instead try to keep a tiny peeping tom entertained while we at least take off a layer of dirt from our bodies.

Our constant laying down of our needs, wants and desires for our children can be one of the most wearying parts of the job. Especially if we expect appreciation and a reciprocal life style from the ones we are serving. Children are incapable of laying down their lives for their mommas! That is our job to teach them how to do that; it will not come naturally. We have eighteen years to instill that principle into their little hearts, and I pray I am able to accomplish that goal, hopefully sooner versus later.

We can become weary when we look for a specific person to return the favor. A lot of times in our lives God uses someone else in your life to fulfill your needs. Most of the time it isn’t going to come right back at you from the people you deeply serve. Now, in an ideal world your children and your spouse would return the love and willingly and lovingly serve you like you serve them. But don’t limit God to only use them. If you do, you will only become frustrated and grow weary as the days continue with no immediate gratitude.

If you are looking for your reward for being so selfless, you will be looking for it for quite awhile. Doing something only for the reward is a heart motive that does need to be addressed. Instead we should be living a life of gratitude. We get to have the privilege of speaking into and serving those we deeply love.

Going back to the idea that it won’t always be your children or your spouse that fills serves you or helps take care of your needs. God knows what will speak to your heart and what you need to hear to keep running your race.

It might be a KLove post or song that speaks directly to your heart.

It might be a blog post that speaks truth to what you are thinking.

It might be a friend who offers to take your kids for the night so you can have a date.

It might be a phone call or email from a friend that says they are glad you are their friend and that they are there for you.

It might be a scripture verse that pops up on your facebook news feed or you come across in your own time with the Word.

This weekend I was overcome with a HUGE amount of fear. Now I would say that I am typically not a fearful person, so when this feeling came on so strong, it surprised me. I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully I was able to express my fears to my husband and he prayed for me. I was able to send an email to a couple friends and asked them to pray for me. Then I work up this morning and my devotional in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was talking about releasing all your worries into the care of Jesus.

“In order to hear my voice, you must release all your worries into My care. Entrust to Me everything that concerns you. This clears the way for you to seek My Face unhindered. Let Me free you from fear that is hiding deep inside you. Sit quietly in My Presence, allowing My Light to soak into you and drive out any darkness lodged within you.

Accept each day just as it come to you, remembering that I am sovereign over you life. Rejoice in this day that I have made, trusting that I am abundantly present in it. Instead of regretting or resenting the way things are, than Me in all circumstances. Trust Me and don’t be fearful; thank Me and rest in My sovereignty.”

Then I got on Facebook and Faithgateway.com post by Sherry Surratt was:

“I can’t control every scary thing, but I can control whether or not these things strike fear in my heart.”

Then Max Lucado’s post:

“No one can pray and worry at the same time.”

Then Klove’s Morning post by Craig:

“God always invites us to walk by faith. The enemy extends a counter invitation to walk in fear. Accept God’s invitation. It’s a much better party.”

Do you think God heard my prayers last night and send me a message?!?!

God hears your prayers of “Help, I am weary.”

“God, I do not feel appreciated.”

“God, I don’t know if I can do this one more day.”

“God, I don’t even know where to begin.”

I believe that if we keep serving and doing what God has called us to do, God will continue to hear those prayers and answer them. And as we look beyond our children and our spouse to fulfill those needs, our eyes will be open to the amazing ways that God looks out for us and takes care of us. Don’t limit God. Keep serving and trust that God has you covered!



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