Armor of God: Prayer

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Did you know that there are actually seven pieces of the armor of God? If you did, you are one up on me. So far we have covered the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. Six pieces.  I never realized that there was one more weapon that was important to the soldier.
In Ephesians 6:18 it says, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” I have never thought of prayer as being a part of the armor. I knew it was definitely a very powerful weapon that we have against Satan, but I never linked it to the armor. In Rick Renner’s book Dressed to Kill, he shares his belief that the Roman soldier’s lance is a perfect example of how prayer can be an effective and essential weapon in our lives.

Different Lances

A lance is a spear that could either be thrown at the enemy or thrust into the enemy when he is at close range. A lance’s size determined its use. A small lance was used to take out the enemy when he is in your face, but some lances could be up to 6 feet long. The goal of these longer lances was to pin down the opponent before they got close enough to inflict harm. Once the enemy was pinned down the soldier could easy come up and finish the job with a small lance or his sword.  Different kinds of lances were needed in different kinds of fights.

Different Prayers

The Greek words for “with all prayer” is a phrase which means “with all kinds of prayer.” Paul is telling us that we need to use different types of prayers to take out and finish the enemy. Just like there are different types of lances for the soldier to use in different situations, there are different types of prayers to use in different types of life situations.

Rick Renner lists 6 different types of prayer:

  1. Prayer of consecration
  2. Prayer of petition
  3. Prayer of authority or prayer of faith
  4. Prayer of thanksgiving
  5. Prayer of supplication
  6. Prayer of intercession

Each one has its place and purpose.

How Frequently?

Paul also says we need to pray always. “Always” is the Greek phrase “en panti kairo.” “En” means “at”. “Panti” means “each and every”. “Kairo” means “time or season”. So Paul is saying that “at each and every time or season” we should be praying. And praying different types of prayers.

In today’s techy world we often hear people say, “There’s an app for that.” And in Ephesians I think Paul was trying to make the point that when you are in a battle, don’t worry “there is a prayer for that.”

If you need a job to make the mortgage payment, don’t worry. There is a prayer of petition for that. 

If you need help overcoming being jealous of your friends’ blessings, don’t worry. There is a prayer of thanksgiving for that.

If you desperately want a family member to turn back to God, don’t worry. There is a prayer of intercession for that. 

If you mess up and speak wrong to someone, don’t worry. There is a prayer of forgiveness for that.

If you lack the confidence that you need to step out and do the next adventure in life, don’t worry. There is a prayer of supplication for that

There is a prayer for every aspect of your life. You just need to take the time to stop and do it. If you don’t know how to pray, don’t worry. There are Bible verses for that. Psalm 23 or Luke 11 are good places to start.


Prayer is an amazing thing! It can help you fight the battle that is currently in your face and it can also fight the unknown battles ahead. We can throw our long lances at Satan as we pray over our children’s future and their spouses’ future. We can pray about our dreams and our future jobs. We can pray protection over our family and homes. (Psalm 91) We can pray health and healing over us and our children even when we are not sick. We can pray for protection over our hearts, minds and soul so that they are prepared and armed ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

We can pray in the spirit when we don’t even know what to pray. God knows what we need and when we pray in the spirit we align our will with His.

Just remember that prayer is a two way street. It involves talking and listening. See last week’s post for a quick reminder!  🙂

This week, think about the different types of prayer. In your life today, which type needs a little more attention? Find scriptures that help you battle your situation. Speak the Word over it and then spend time with God. Ask Him to speak truth about the situation and to give you the necessary steps you need to take to overcome your struggles.

Practice getting those lances ready for whichever battle you will face next!


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