Advent: Valuing the Valuable

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Advent begins this Sunday, and it presents a great opportunity to purposefully guide your children.

As a parent I am teaching my children what to value.  By showing them what I think is important, it helps them to decide what they think is important.  If I never show them then they will have a hard time knowing!  By spending a little time each day for the next month I can emphasize for them what is really valuable.  It is the real meaning of Christmas.

Here are the 5 OPL Advent posts with the printables you will need to celebrate this year with your family:

Advent Week 1 

Advent Week 2

Advent Week 3

Advent Week 4

Christmas Day! 


Here are some other great Advent resources to help you keep Jesus in Christmas:

  1. Focus on the Family’s Advent Calendar – Free
  2. What’s in the Bible? Everyday Emmanuel – $9.99 on sale (The shortened version of some video clips can be found here.)
  3. Truth in the Tinsel   – $7.99 plus $3.99 for the ornament templates

Please share – what Advent traditions do you have with your family?


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