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This world has confused us in what is the role of a woman. Do you feel lost and unsure what your purpose is in this life? Is it to have a career? Be a wife? A mom?

All of the above?


In my “Women” posts we will break it down to what does it look like to be a daughter of God. What is it like to just rest in His presence, to know that He has a plan for you and that He will reveal it to you.

I will share what I have learned through my experience of being a wife and a mom. But if you are single I still feel like you can learn from my life’s lesson. How I am as a mom and wife really is a result of who I am as a woman. If I don’t take the time to focus on my relationship with God I will not be equipped to accomplish my purpose.

I am not perfect. For example, having consistent quiet times is something I am always working on but together we can challenge each other and encourage each other to keep striving to be Holy and Perfect in Christ.


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  1. krista says:

    I am so excited for you and the blog launch!

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