U-Pick: Christmas Trees

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One of my many favorite Christmas traditions is taking the kids to a Christmas Tree Farm to pick out the “perfect” tree. I am a real tree kind of girl. Some years I think it would be much easier if we would just get a fake tree, but I have yet to find one that meets my specifications. I love medium height, FAT trees. The fatter the better!! The kids love going and picking out the perfect tree! We walk up and down the rows trying to decide what tree is the best. We think we have found the perfect one but then walk around back to find a big empty hole in the branches. Typically we end up with two trees that we love and we spend about 15 minutes running back and forth between the trees trying to decided which one is “the one.” Then we send Daddy to go get the saw and the rest of us stand guard making sure no one else picks our tree. Each kid takes a turn cutting the trunk until finally we yell “timber” and our tree comes down with a bang. Then we excitedly watch Daddy carry our tree back to the car as we talk about the fun that is ahead of us.

Last years short, but FAT tree :-)

Last year’s short, but FAT tree 🙂

Now I know some say you should let your tree soak in a bucket of water overnight before you decorate it, but most years we are unable to wait this long. After Nate puts the tree in the tree stand and we have it in the perfect position he hangs the multi-colored lights. The more lights the better is the philosophy in our house! Then the kids and I decorate it with our ornaments. Each kids gets to hang up their own ornament and then they help me hang up the rest, all the while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

Our favorite Tree farm in Kansas City is the Midland Holiday Pines at 18541 Midland Drive here in Shawnee. They open the Friday after Thanksgiving. The only downside is they are only open on the weekends: Saturday and Sundays 10-5pm. One year due to prior commitments we were unable to make it there on the weekends so we had to go to a different farm during the week. I would also recommend going earlier in the month because they do get picked over quickly. Midland Holiday Pines also offers a free, short hayrack ride and free hot chocolate and apple cider.

Midland Pines 2010

Midland Pines 2010

The year we had to go during the week we went to the Longbranch Christmas Tree Ranch at 25990 W. 77th Street in Shawnee. This farm has a larger selection to choose from. They open the day after Thanksgiving and the hours are Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm and Weekdays 2-5pm. They also offer free hot chocolate after you pick your tree.

Another tradition in our house is one December night we drive to the mall to the ornament store to let each child pick out their own ornament. We try to encourage the kids to pick an ornament that represents the year they have had, a special memory, something they like or a trip we went on. Some have an easier time than others but we make sure each child is happy with what they have picked.

This is such a great time of year!! Make sure you are making your own family traditions in your family!! Your kids will remember them for years!!!!!

Are you a real tree or fake tree kind of family? How do you decorate your tree? Family style or themed?


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