Summer School Update

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We are about halfway through summer so I thought I would give you an update on how summer school is going. The one thing I love about summer is how flexible it is and how easily you can adjust. We have stuck with some of our original summer school plans and have ditched others. But I can say with confidence that our summer has not been boring!

Morning Routine:

Our morning routine of wake-up, eat breakfast and get dressed before you do anything else has worked well. Only a couple of days have we declared it pajama day and not followed this routine. It has helped all of us wake up and be fully ready for the day. We haven’t continued to do our quiet time in the morning because we have found this awesome Bible study that we are doing together as a family instead. It is through We are studying the book of Jonah. The three oldest kids have a devotion to do every day Monday through Friday and then we recap it together as a family on the weekend. I have loved it!!! It is a great tool to teach your kids how to study the Bible in depth and apply its principles to your own life. 

School time:

Well, we have been so busy that this hasn’t gotten done a good majority of the time. We haven’t done the spelling words since the Jonah study has memory verses to memorize and so does church. I didn’t want them overloaded with things to memorize. Piano hasn’t happened either but I am hoping to start up official piano lessons soon so that will get us back on track. Rebekah has been taking art classes which she is really enjoying. We have gotten our reading time in. Most of the time this occurs at our daily rest time. They have an hour of downtime that they can spend reading. We have been able to do math with one of our kids who wanted to work on a couple key concepts so that she could be ready to go this fall. After VBS in a couple weeks our summer will be a lot calmer and will allow us to focus more time on getting ready for the school year.


Other than laundry we haven’t stuck to the day assignments of chores. The girls have done their own laundry all summer and do their own folding and putting their clothes away. It has been glorious!! Luke can load the washer and dryer and put his own clothes away too. He just needs help starting the machines and folding – I am happy to help since he does the rest. Now if I could just get them to do Nate’s laundry and mine,  I would be all set 😉
The rest of the chores get done when we need it and before company comes. Since we have put the expectation and system in place that it is their job to help with the other chores I hardly ever get an attitude when I ask them to do it. At this stage in their lives they actually enjoy vacuuming and dusting. I know there will come a day when that isn’t true, but I am enjoying it while it lasts!

Summary, and Plans For Summer’s Second Half

As I think about the second half of the summer I want to make sure we devote some time to math and teaching the girls how to clean the bathrooms. Otherwise we will keep going and having fun.  The best laid plans can be broken. I have learned the importance of compromise and flexibility as I have gotten older. I have also learned the importance of keeping the ultimate goal in mind. The goal wasn’t to do all the worksheets or have a sparkling clean house. The goal was to keep my children’s minds engaged, work on some areas of struggle, take care of our things, and not be bored. With those goals in mind, I would say that our summer has been highly successful so far!

How are you doing on your summer plans? Anything left that you want to make sure you get checked off? Anything you want to change for the second half? It is not too late!


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