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For Christmas we got some new games. Our family loves games, and since it has been bitterly cold we have played a lot of them in the last few weeks.

One of our new favorites is HedBanz! The kids have loved playing it and you can make it more or less challenging depending on the age of the kid. I also love that my three big kids can play it together and all have fun.  With Luke we give him clues to what picture is on his head. With Hannah we make her ask yes and no questions to try to figure out her picture.  Luke and his friend played it by themselves the other day and did a pretty good job of giving clues.  I think this is a great way to challenge your kids’ brains and make them think of a clue that would best describe the picture. They also have a version that you can act out the clues. We might have to put that on our list for next Christmas. This is a fun game for kids aged 4 and up.  (This type of game is the latest craze! Adults and kids can also play it on their iPhones and iPads using an app like Heads Up Charades. We played it at our Bible study’s New Year’s party and had a blast.)



The next game that we love is UNO. It is an oldie but a goodie. Luke learned this game thanks to Mr. Chuck. When he told me one day that he could play the game, I did not believe him. I decided to play Luke and see if he really did. After he won 3 out of 5 games, I was convinced he knew what he was doing!



When I deal the cards, he begs me to give him the “fun ones” so that he can win. He has no problem handing you the Draw 2 cards and celebrates drawing the WILD cards! 🙂 Luke is four and can play this game and understand a little bit of the strategy needed to play your cards right. This is a great game for kids 4 and up.


A Fun One!

It has been a lot of fun playing games with the kids this winter. And I am so glad that we can expand our horizons past Memory! We did learn however that our kids are unable to handle the game of Sorry! There was many tears shed during this game because our kids are too nice and felt horrible sending someone back to Home. They knew what they were doing to their opponent and couldn’t handle it. Might have to wait to play this again until the boys are older and ready to conquer the game!

What is your favorite family game and what ages is the game geared towards?

2 thoughts on “Review: Kids’ Games

  1. Rochelle Goff says:

    We love The Ladybug Game All the kids can play together and enjoy it!

    1. Dana says:

      We will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

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