Reflections On My Son’s Birthday


My sweet Luke-Man is turning 5. I cannot believe that he is now a whole hand! Let me tell you, we have one excited boy at our house who has woken up every morning for the last 2 weeks and quickly reminded us how many days are left until his birthday. He is evidently very good at counting backwards 🙂

As I was sitting here at my computer writing a post for another day, I looked up and paused to watch my son playing. My heart was overwhelmed with love for this little man.  I love my daughters dearly, but there is just something about my boys that melt my heart in a way that I can’t explain. (Probably similar to what my girls do to my husband). Luke calls me ‘Mama,’ and there is so much love in his voice when he says it that I know I will never grow tired of hearing it. As I have watched my baby boy grow into a big five year old, I have learned so much about life.

Today, in honor of his birthday, I thought I would share some lessons from Luke.

  1. Gratitude makes life AWESOME. I have never met such a grateful person. He is always quick to give a thank-you and you can tell that he means it from the bottom of his heart. Two phrases that are frequently on his lips are “This looks like a feast!” (spoken at the dinner table) and “You are the best mom ever!”
  2. Being positive is really the way to live. Luke looks at each day as a beautiful one, and is always looking to turn any situation into something positive. If it is raining and he can’t play outside, he chooses to be happy because ‘the rain will be good for the plants in the garden.’
  3. Expect good things to happen. Luke will often try to pray things into existence, which causes Nate and I to exchange many questioning looks at the dinner table.  When he prays “Thank You that we get to go on the bike trail today,” we wonder if the other parent had agreed to do it without letting the other one know.  But no, Luke is just being praying expectantly!  If only we could keep that child-like faith!
  4. Serving others is key to a life filled with joy. Luke loves reaching out to others and giving them an opportunity to learn about God. See our knocking on doors post for a good example of this. Many times I have seen Luke give up his seat so another girl in his class can sit down.
  5. Life is better with family and friends. Luke wakes up most mornings asking to see one of his friends. He loves to experience life with others and to share his joy with them. He wants them to have as much fun in life as he does.

So I encourage you to be like Luke – grab a friend, think only good thoughts, and have an AWESOME day! I know Luke will!

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2 thoughts on “Reflections On My Son’s Birthday

  1. isa says:

    This is such a wonderful post! The amount of things we can learn from kids is pretty amazing. Happy birthday to Luke! xo Isa

    1. Dana says:

      It is amazing what we can learn from kids! Love you too Isa!

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