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Closest I could get to bad attitude...note this one was staged :-)

The older I get the more I realize the importance of having the proper perspective. Our natural eyes can deceive us, and most of the time they do. Our first impressions of a situation can also distract us from the truth. In each and every situation, we have a decision to make. Are we going to camp in negativity or are we going to accentuate the positive? If you choose to go the positive route you will be amazed at how blessed you really are!  Here are some pictures to explain what I am talking about.

And I still had 2 loads still in the machines!
And I still had 2 loads in the machines!

Are you overwhelmed by the amount? Or are do you have a feeling of accomplishment? Or do you realize how blessed you are to have more than enough to clothe your whole family?



Are you frustrated with the never ending supply of dishes that need to be washed? Or can you celebrate another successful night of feeding the troops?



A disastrous mess or the best day ever?


Closest I could get to bad attitude...note this one was staged :-)
Closest I could get to a picture of bad attitude…note this one was staged 🙂

A never ending battle or a chance to mold your child’s heart towards God?


This skit reminded me about the importance of what your eyes see. Watch and know that someone else understands what you are doing and that it is important.

Mom Goggles

You may not feel like your kids see what you do or that your husband sees what you do.  But know that God hears and sees everything!  Try to keep His perspective in mind as you go about the daily grind.  It will help us to realize that the battles that we face are real, and are challenging, but they could be a lot worse !

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