Memorial Day

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A day to remember.

Memorial Day is the celebration of the lives of those who died for our country.  An annual ceremony to keep us from forgetting their sacrifice.  It is an important thing to remember – our freedom was not free.

We also use Memorial Day to remember what God had done in our lives over the last year.  During the years that we led the young adults at our church, Dana would start each gathering with an ice breaker question. Memorial Day week was always her favorite. She would have everyone think back over the last year and share things that God has done in their lives. They could share how God provided financially or with a job. How He worked in a relationship or healed.  It was an awesome time to remember that God is always working and moving in our lives. It also built up our faith and helped solidify our trust in a faithful God.

It is so important to write down or remember ways that God has provided and taken care of you. Keeping these memories on the forefront of your mind will help you stay strong in your faith when you face a trial. Please take some time today to list out a few of the things that God has done for you.

Thanks also to all of the veterans and active duty service members who are reading this!

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