It’s May, So What Is Coming Up??

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MOTHER’s Day!  And for our family, Mimi and Grandma’s Birthday. That’s right we get doubly hit in May. I love getting gifts for our moms but trying to come up with 4 great gifts in one month, without much help from one mom especially 😉 can get a little hard.

So I thought I would share some of my ideas in hopes that you will share some of your ideas. Maybe together we can come up with amazing gifts for the ones we love.

Mother’s rings have been popular over the years. I have always wanted one but haven’t quite found the perfect one. Recently I have come across two great alternatives to the Mother’s ring.

The first is Origami Owl. They provide custom necklaces and bracelets. Their signature item is the Living Lockets. You pick your locket shape and color and then you can fill it with whatever you like. You can do the birthstones of your kids, charms related to your interests and hobbies or words that describe your life or the life of that specific lady in your life. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first looking at all the options, but you are in luck, my sister just started selling it! She is willing to help you through the process. You can check out the company through her website or through her Facebook page.   To give you some clues on how to start…Look at the living lockets first, then add a plate if you want, then pick out the charms you want in the locket. You can change out the charms whenever you want to make it match your outfit or season. The possibilities are endless! You can either surprise your mom or wife with one of these or if you are like my mom, you can ruin the surprise and go ahead and pick out your own 😉

The next is a gift was one that was given to me and I loved it! It is another version of a Mother’s necklace but this one has each child’s name on it. The company is an Etsy company called Smoley. I was given the original stacked mixed metal necklace. It has 4 plates, each with one of my kid’s names on it, and it also has a few extra charms. This was given to me so I don’t know much about the ordering process, but there looks to be a lot of good options for you to choose from.

Flowers are always a good option. It doesn’t always have to be flowers you put in a vase. For several years we have gotten Nate’s mom flowers for her pots on her front porch for Mother’s Day. We won’t be doing that this year due to an awesome find by my sister-in-law during the after Thanksgiving Day sales 🙂 You will have to wait until later to find out what it is. I can’t have both of our moms knowing exactly what they are getting 🙂

The year Jacob was born I had each child hold up a letter in the word love. (Jake’s picture was taken 4 months later since he wasn’t born until after Mother’s Day.) Then I put the pictures in a 4 picture frame. The grandmas loved it. One of these years I will remember to update those pictures…

100_4751 100_6379 100_4735 100_4743

Homemade cards by the kids are always a good idea. Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas.

What have you done that has been a success? Please share!



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  1. Ruth Larkin says:

    I like to do picture gifts also. I also sometimes bake something yummy as part of the gift. We did the jar of oatmeal cookie mix once that we made at Girl Time at the Carlyle outreach and that was a hit. I also made this craft one year for the Moms and it was a hit as well:

    I should try the LOVE picture this year – I love that idea!!!

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