Locks of Love

Rebekah right before. All smiles!

I don’t know what my fourth pregnancy did to my hair, but it was something wonderful! For once in my life I had some consistent natural curl throughout my whole head and not just on one side. This made for quick mornings 🙂 I also could grow my hair long without it looking like a straggly mess. It was wonderful and my husband loved the long hair.

My Before Picture.

My “Before Picture”

Since I am cheap and only get my hair cut a couple times a year, I have carried on that same idea with my girls. One day I woke up and realized we all had super long hair, or at least really long for us. One of my daughter’s friend’s mom had just donated her hair to Locks of Love and it gave me an idea.Wouldn’t it be awesome if all three of us girls grew our hair long enough to be able to donate it to such a great cause?!?

Girls before picture.

Girls’ “Before Picture”

I talked with my girls and they agreed. At the time we just had to wait a little bit longer so that we would have some hair left after cutting off the required 10 inches. I took this opportunity to talk with my girls about the fact that we can not take anything for granted. Some kids are sick and either their hair falls out or they are unable to grow it. We talked about how it would not be as fun for a little girl to be without hair. They wouldn’t be able to wear cute bows or put it in a ballerina bun. However there was something that we could do since we were able to grow our own hair. We love having long hair and trying new braids but it is also something that we can give up to help another little girl have fun with bows and ribbons.

They totally jumped on the idea and wanted to do it. Once all three of us had long enough hair we made the appointment and got it done. They were beyond excited. I was scared there might be tears because I remember crying over a dramatic hair change. I went first so that they could see in person what they were about to do. Neither of them missed a beat and wanted to be the next one to do it. They were all smiles during the whole entire process.

Rebekah right before. All smiles!

Rebekah right before. All smiles!

It did my heart good that they were so willing to give up something and give it to someone else who needed it more. They didn’t once think about the possibility of it making them look bad or not liking their new ‘do. (Now they were a little nervous that Daddy might not like it because he loved their long hair. Thankfully he had already assured them that they would look really cute in their new short haircuts.) Even then they weren’t concerned about themselves, but about their dad and pleasing him.

Hannah excited about her turn!

Hannah excited about her turn!

It was a good lesson for me to be not afraid to give it all, no matter what. To not make excuses but to go at it with all smiles, not regretting your decision for even a single moment.

The after picture!

The “After Picture”!

What is one thing you can do together with your daughter or son that can benefit someone else? Is there something that both of you can give up that would make a difference in someone else’s life? Have you done something like this before? If so, please share!

2 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. Amy says:

    So neat! I’m doing that with my daughter now too. I’ve been doing it for 17 years and can grow my hair from chin to waist in 3 years. I can’t wait to show her this! Thanks!

    1. Dana says:

      Wow, that is awesome! I am not able to grow hair that fast. Have a great time with your daughter. Let us know how it goes!

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