Live Loved!

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Live Loved!

These two words have been rolling around in my mind for the last month since I started reading Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. Live Loved. Sounds great, but how in the world to I practically live that command out. There are many times when I don’t feel loved. There are times when interactions with friends or family speak to me that I am not loved. So how do I “Live Loved” when I don’t feel it or experience it?

On the other hand, what would my life look like if I did choose to “live loved?” What if I lived loved, full of God’s unconditional love for me? Knowing I am accepted and deeply loved by my Father God today. How would my life be different?

To live loved I think you first have to acknowledge that you don’t always feel loved. We all feel this way sometimes and that is normal and that is okay. We live in a broken world and things happen, hurtful words are said, we are left out or wounded either intentionally or unintentionally. Life happens and sometimes it is not kind. But it is what you do with that feeling that allows you to live loved or live feeling unloved.

Do you believe that you have been chosen by God? When you accept Him has Lord of your life you are adopted and accepted into His family. He has invited you in to be a full member of His family. Oh and dear friend do you know that you are so deeply loved by Him? So loved that He feels your pain, your nicks and your deep, dark, painful bruises. That He wants to scoop you up and heal your wounds and cast a vision and a plan for your future that is bright and wonderful?

I was reading the book Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick this summer and he used an analogy that finally helped me believe that I am accepted and truly loved by God.

He used the show the Voice as an example. In the show The Voice, the judge’s chairs are facing the audience and not the person who is auditioning to earn a spot of the show. The person auditioning comes out on the stage and proceeds to sing their heart out, giving it their all in hopes that one of the judges will hit the red button, turn around and accept them. They hope a judge will deem them worthy of their time and training.

Pastor Steven points out that this is a lot like life. We have placed people in our lives in those judges’ chairs. Maybe our parents, boss, friend, spouse or Pastor and someone else we have placed in those judges’ seats. We are doing our very best to live a life that they will deem important enough to accept us and love us. To invite us in and make us feel welcomed and validated.

Unfortunately, placing our acceptance and value in the lives of these “judges” leave us feeling inadequate, dismissed or even rejected. Pastor Steven points out that in all reality the people we have placed in those judges’ seats actually do not have the power to push the red button and in fact they have never even been given a button in the first place. The only person who actually has the power to give you acceptance and unconditional love is God. And the wonderful truth is God has already pushed the button before you step foot on the stage of life. Wow, read this again and let this truth penetrate your heart. The only person who actually has the power to give you acceptance and unconditional love is God. And the wonderful truth is God has already pushed the button before you step foot on the stage of life.

God accepted you and loved you fully before you were even born.  His approval and love is free and complete. There is nothing you can do to earn it and there is nothing you can do to lose it. Because of what Jesus did on the cross we can have an intimate and personal relationship with the one who can accept us and love us for who we are.

Living Loved can happen when we believe and trust these two truths.

  1. You are accepted and dearly loved by your Father God
  2. It is not what you do and don’t do, but what Jesus did on the cross.

Living Loved happens when we take away the red button in front of our spouse, friends, bosses, the “judges” in our lives and trust that the only red button that matters is already permanently pressed by your heavenly Father before you even took your first breath.

So today will you take this challenge. Will you lay down your desire to earn the acceptance and love of those who are around you? Will you trust that God’s love and acceptance is enough? That when you are confident and living fully in the truth that you are fully accepted and dearly loved by God you will no longer need to get it from someone else. That God’s acceptance and love is more than enough. Will you choose today to Live Loved?

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