It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

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Keep Running

After a couple weeks of relentless blog posting, dear readers, you and I may need to slow down and catch our breath for a moment.  Remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint

Pace Yourself

We have been talking about marriage and parenting and spirituality.  It is impossible to perfect any of those things, well, ever, but certainly impossible to perfect them in a week or in a month.  This is a lifelong race that we are in…an ultra marathon.


I will probably post a lot of blogs about Focus, but today’s point is simply to focus on the main thing.  Don’t get distracted by all of the other information that we post up here.  Just focus on what you need to improve.  In fact, just focus on what you need to improve NOW.   A folksy saying is that if you try to catch two rabbits you’ll catch no rabbits.  So don’t distract yourself from the areas where you need to devote your attention.  Don’t let the good distract you from the great.

Stagger Start

Each of us is starting from a different point.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a marathon, but at the beginning there are people lined up for blocks, waiting to begin.  It may be several minutes before they even get past the starting line.  Maybe that is how you feel.  The main point is that you need to keep moving forward.  Forward progress is really the key.  On the other hand, some of you have undoubtedly already mastered the topics that we are sharing. That is great too – we need your help!  Share your comments – don’t keep them to yourself!

Marathon Pace

We are planning to methodically and diligently share what we are learning.  Dana and I have been married for 11 years, and we have learned from some amazing mentors and fantastic books, so we have a LOT to say.  Don’t let it overwhelm you.  Just learn what you are supposed to learn, implement the parts that you are supposed to start, and focus on the ways that you need to grow.  But never stop learning. Never. Stop. Learning.

Know and Grow

The Hanson motto is that we are always learning and growing.  We try to KNOW as much as we can, and use that knowledge to GROW as much as we can.  In as many areas as we can.  We believe that we will be able to look back on our lives with satisfaction, and we would like you to come with us.

 Join us!

A lot of the reason that we started this blog was so that we could create a forum for all of our wise and wonderful friends to share with us and with each other.  We welcome your feedback, either through public comments or private messages.  Please join us.

Don’t be discouraged – as Paul reminds us, keep on running the race so that we can win the prize!


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