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Last week my girl was sitting on the steps looking through her Bible.  She asked “How do I look something up if there are two words, like ‘Obey God’?”  I told her to look up the first word, or maybe to think of a similar word like ‘Obedience.’  Then I asked what she was doing, and she said she was looking in the Bible’s index for ideas about how to get along with her sister.  There are moments that really touch me, and that was one of them.  I love her honest, simple, open heart!

So then she tried to look up ‘Get Along,’ but the closest thing she could find was ‘Getting Even.’  She said she would just try that.  I started to point out that perhaps she was barking up the wrong tree here…(I am a pretty smart dude, you know!)…“Well honey, that might not help you with what you are looking for.”  She replied “Oh, I know, but I thought the story might lead to something about how to get along.”  She knew that the story would probably teach her a good lesson, even if it was talking about an example of the opposite.

All I could say was “Good point, my girl!”

I learned a couple things there.

  1. Kids are smart, and they get it!
  2. It is our job as parents to give them the tools they need to solve problems in their lives

Friends, there is no better feeling than to know that your child is seeking God!  Even if I don’t accomplish anything else, I will be satisfied by the fact that my kids know where to go to find the answers that they need.

As we start another busy week, please pause with me to marvel at the innocence: “I have a problem.  I’ll check the index.”  Let’s all live today with that kind of simplicity!

How can a young person stay pure?  By obeying your word.
I have tried hard to find you— don’t let me wander from your commands.
I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
I praise you, O Lord; teach me your decrees.
I have recited aloud all the regulations you have given us.
I have rejoiced in your laws as much as in riches.
I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways.
I will delight in your decrees and not forget your word.
Psalm 119:9-16

You may have different problems than getting along with your sister, but the Bible will have answers for you too!  What solutions do you need?  Check the index!

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