Independence Day Kids’ Activities


Tomorrow is Independence Day!!!

There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate this holiday. We like to combine education with our fun, and this is a great opportunity to do both.

Teaching your Kids about the History of the Holiday:

1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1 is a great resource for 4th of July printables for the kids, and it seems like a great blog.

To get to the 4th of July stuff you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. The full size Independence Day cards are awesome!!! It allows you to teach your children about the history of the holiday. We have also done the American flag color by number, label the thirteen colonies page and the roll the dice game.

 Conversation Starters:

I did this one on the car ride to my in-laws with the kids. Their answers were interesting. If Hannah was president, she would make sure all the orphanages in the states were nice and took care of the kids. If Rebekah was president, she would ask God for wisdom. (We just got done studying Solomon in Sunday school 🙂 The three big kids also loved creating their own American flag. Luke’s looked like fireworks had blown up all over it and Rebekah added a heart made out of stars.

Activity Sheets:

This blog is a new find for me and I am excited to look more into it. These have two different levels of worksheets. Luke did the easier version and the girls did the more advanced level. We also did these in the car and the kids enjoyed them.


This is one of our favorite centerpiece treats. We did this at our summer party last year and they were a big hit. Hint: Don’t make your rice krispy treats too skinny. I did that and it was hard to keep them attached to the stick. I little bit of frosting might also help it stay attached better. We placed our “sparklers” in a vase so they would stand up.  There are all sorts of resources and links to resources on this website.


What are your favorite 4th of July activities??  We’d love to hear from you!  

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  1. I am so happy you liked HHF’s conversation cards for the 4th of July! What a sweet family you have!

    1. Dana says:

      Thanks Julie!

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