I Can Do It!!

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Batman can do anything he puts his mind to!!!

“I can do it. I strong!” exclaimed Buddy after I told him the grocery sacks were too heavy for him to carry. He was so confident in himself – I had to let him try! This time I didn’t have any bread or chip bags for him to carry. I tried to find the lightest one. I handed it to him and watched as he struggled to walk towards the door. After about five steps he finally succumbed to the fact that it was indeed too heavy and awkward for him to carry. He turned to me and said I could carry it and he walked confidently into the house. Soon after he was on to the next task reminding me just how strong he was, and that he would be even stronger once he was as big as daddy.

Tthe grocery sack incident could have struck down his confidence, but it didn’t. He tried and failed, but it didn’t prevent him from trying again with another task.  His inability to complete the previous task did not even put a dent in his confidence. Oh, how I wish I could brush off my failures that way, learn from them, and move on each and every time!

When our kids are unable to complete a task or struggle to get something done this is a perfect opportunity to encourage them and remind them about Philippians 4:13. They can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens them. Teach them to pray to God and ask Him to help them to do better and finish the task. Help them learn from the situation so that next time they can do it better. Remind yourself of these truths too when you feel like you are failing. God is there ready and able to help you complete the next task.

How often does one failure derail us and even prevent us from trying again? What situation are you letting stop you from taking the next step? Bring your situation before God and ask Him to guide your next step. Set a goal to take that next step this next week.




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