Fourth of July Kids Activities

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It is so important that our children know the history of America and how it came to be. The lives that were sacrificed and the faith in God that this country was built on. This year we had friends over to celebrate this wonderful day in our history. We ended the day with going to the Mahaffie Family Fun Night. We enjoyed learning about how people during the 18th Century would have celebrated the fourth of July.


Here are some of the activities that we did during the day:

Straw Rockets:

The kids loved this one! They were simple and provided a lot of cheap entertainment and competition. The only downside was the kids spent a lot of time on their design to only have a small portion of it show once they wrapped it around the straw. Have them make several because some kids might have trouble keeping their saliva out of the straw causing the rocket to get too moist to fly.

Handprint Craft

The kids had a blast doing this one. I loved seeing how each one was so unique and creative. We did it slightly different and just painted the kid’s hand completely white. Then we had them paint with brushes the red, blue and white dots for the stars.


4th of July Puppy Chow

This was a yummy treat. I only used a white cake mix instead of using strawberry for the red portion. I also just used white chocolate chips with food coloring instead of colored wafers. It still tasted good;  just not as colorful.

Pop Rock Marshmallow Pops

This was our favorite activity and snack. I will say it was almost impossible to find pop rocks. Walmart, Hy-Vee and two gas stations did not carry them. We ended up finding them at Dollar Tree (the second one we tried since the first was out). So call the store you are wanting to go to before you venture out!


Fruit Kabobs

These were a yummy addition to supper. I loved doing the angel food cake instead of bananas. I could have also used marshmallows instead of the cake. Make a lot – the kids wanted more than the one I made for them.


Here are some links to my favorite 4th of July Activity Sheets:

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1+1+1=1 Worksheets that talk about the History of the 4th. I especially love the Calendar Connection Cards to help tell the story of our Independence.

Happy Home Fairy: Jokes and Conversation Starters


We wanted to make the reason for the Declaration of Independence more concrete, so we ended the night by acting it out.  Everyone started out on one couch, which was England.  Then a group settled another couch, which was America.  They started out being friends and all part of England.  “Jolly Good!”  But then one of the kids (still in England) became the bad king, who took away their money, their pillows, their blankets, and threw several of them in jail.  Nate was a leader in America, and he suggested that they kindly ask the king to treat them fairly.  After sailing across the sea, their polite request was rejected by the mean king.  This request was repeated a few times, and then the Americans decided that they had to create their own country where they would set up a government that is fair.  Then Nate read the Declaration of Independence, making sure to point at the king when accusing him of his various crimes.  This was a lot of fun, and helped the kids understand the point of the Declaration.  All kids have a natural understanding of fairness, so this is a story that resonates with them.  We then ended the night by printing out a copy of the Declaration and letting all of the kids sign it, just like the original 56!  We reminded them that this was an act of courage, because the king would be very angry.


Printable, Signable Declaration:  |PDF_Picture Download|

Fireworks, food, and family make this a great holiday.  Mixing in some reminders of why we celebrate can make it even more meaningful.

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