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Few things in my life (if any) have changed me as fundamentally as becoming a father.  Here are just a few ways I have grown and a few things that have changed:

  • My understanding of leadership
  • My understanding of God
  • My understanding of authority and responsibility
  • The removal of yet more layers of my selfishness (am I done yet?!?)
  • My understanding of the need for spiritual power
  • The depth of my emotions, good and bad
  • The size of my entourage
  • The way I spend my time
  • Did I mention the painful removal of more selfishness?

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Through it all, I know a couple things:

1) Parenting is HARD.  It is exhausting, it is baffling, it is frustrating.  It stretches me.

2) Parenting is FUN!  It is crazy, silly, deeply rewarding, and I have a whole crowd to laugh at my jokes!

Common sense and many studies agree that a father plays a profound role in the development of a child into a healthy adult.  I will share my perspectives and the resources I have found so that together we can be the best generation of fathers who have ever lived.

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