Faith (and Boldness) Like a Child

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Today I will take a moment to brag about our oldest.  Last year we started the good habit of reading a devotional book on the way to school. This had started the year prior when Hannah was given a devotional at church. She loves to read so we decided it would be a good way to start our morning. Some of us, mainly me, are not morning people, and I found it was good to reset our minds before the kids walked into school.

One day Hannah was reading that day’s devo and we got to talking about going to heaven. They were asking questions about dying versus going to heaven when Jesus came back. We talked about the fact that when you die that one person gets to go to heaven while the rest of us stay here. When Jesus comes back then everyone will go somewhere. If you have asked Jesus in your heart then you get to go to heaven, but if not you will go to hell.

One of the kids made the comment that they hoped Jesus would not come back soon because they haven’t been on earth very long and haven’t learned how to be an adult yet. I understood where they were coming from but I reminded them that actually heaven is so awesome that it would be good to go now and not have to wait. Then I explained that we have no idea when Jesus is coming back so it is so important that we tell everyone about Jesus so that everyone has a chance to accept Him.

Hannah then thought for a moment and announced she is going to start saving her money to buy Bibles for those who do not know about God. She followed that comment quickly with a question, “Mom, do you know someone who needs a Bible?” I thought for a minute, but not one person’s name came to mind. So Hannah jumped in with two ideas:  Maybe one of the kids who we’ve met at the apartment complex through our outreach events? What about someone in our neighborhood? Then she had another wonderful idea. She asked me if she could take a devotional to school and read it with the kids to make sure that they knew about God.

Isn’t that encouraging?  I am so proud of her heart and willingness to share boldly about her faith. She is not ashamed of the gospel and wants no one to perish. I have no problem talking with anyone and even encouraging a non-Christian in a “Christ-like” way, but it is still outside my comfort zone to boldly say “Do you know Jesus?” and give them a Bible. It was humbling that my 7, almost 8 year old daughter had the boldness and faith that I lacked.

Today be bold as a lion and take one opportunity that God gives you to share about your faith with just one person!  When you do, share about it here.

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