Christmas Idea: Tag Review


Here is our last review for this season. It is one of our favorite companies for educational books and games.

Nate and I are not huge fans of video games. We don’t own any and we are going to hold off as long as possible before we buy any. We also limit computer and iPad games. (They mainly get to do those when they are sick or we are in a waiting room.) I know everyone has an opinion on this but we will save that for another post. Today we are going to talk about a slight alternative to video games or at least an electronic device that also aids in learning math, science or language arts.

On the other hand, we love educational games. They are fun for the kids and they challenge their brains at the same time. We have come across a well-known company called Leap Frog that we would love to tell you about today. (I know they have video games too, but we haven’t tried any of those out yet. So, today’s post doesn’t talk about them.)

Our first Leap Frog find was the Tag pen.


(FYI: It looks like they are currently replacing the Tag pen with the Tag Reader which will have the same functions as the Tag pen) The kids have loved these pens. They can use them in so many different ways. First, the Pen can read the book to them, which works well for Luke. It can also just read the words individually to help the child learn the words – this works well for Bekah. Hannah likes to play the games throughout the book. We take these books on trips which has helped pass many hours in the cars, as long as we remember to have extra batteries! 🙂

Then we started getting into the Tag games. (It looks like they now work with the Tag Reader….make sure you read boxes and get the right pen with the right item). We currently have the USA map, World Map, Human Body and Solar System. These have been a lot fun. We love to explore, so these allow us to learn new things about different places around the world. Our favorites are the maps. The maps have a great game where you can see how many countries you can find in a certain amount of time. It is a team effort and you want Nate on your team if you want to win, but it is good, exciting fun. The kids haven’t used the Human Body and Solar System to their full potentials, but I am hoping that as they learn more about that in school, this will provide a good supplementation.




Human Body

Other education items are the Tag National Geographic Kids Activity Cards and flash cards. Luke loves these and we take them on our trips for him. The activity cards teach you about the different animals, where they live, what they eat and what sound they make.  There is a lot of information packed into each card, and the Tag Pen reads it to you.


Animal Cards

We also have other Leap Frog products. All of the kids have enjoyed the Fridge Phonics and can sing along with the song. Luke has been pulling out the Math Whiz Learning Bus Tray Puzzles lately. This is a game he can do by himself and it makes him feel like a big kid because he is doing math. I love that the puzzle only fits together if you have the right answer and the 3 games are color coded to help set him up for success. Very clever. Jake is a fan of the PhoneLeapStages Learning Piano, and the Alphabet Pal. (The last two have been upgraded since we got ours.) We love music in our house and these add some fun variety.

Alphabet Pal

Alphabet Pal

Leap Frog has so many learning toys that are fun and educational. Check out your local stores and see which ones spark your interest. If your kid is struggling in a certain area like math or language arts, these would be good resources for you to explore and use to make learning fun. They are definitely worth it!

Summary of Leap Frog Products:

  • Target Ages:  6 month until upper elementary
  • Strengths:  Lots of variety. All educational toys focused mainly on Math, English and Social Studies. Can be found at a lot of different retailers and in all different price ranges. The pens holds lots of activities: one pen will hold 1-2 games and about 10 books. The books are great items to take on car trips.
  • Weaknesses:  Lots are battery operated and if used a lot will need to be replaced. Some of the electronic devices like the pens will need to be connected to a computer for updates.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Idea: Tag Review

  1. Francie says:

    We bought a trampoline instead of video games…couldn’t afford both!

    1. Dana says:

      I’m not brave enough to buy a trampoline but that is a good idea! I would just have way too many heart attacks 🙂

  2. philly says:

    Thanks for this idea! I’ve been wanting to give some ideas to grandparents this year that are different then toys…we have too many and I’m always wanting something educational. I’ve thought about these products but haven’t had the time to look into them.

    1. Dana says:

      Philly, Glad we could do some leg work for you. We really do like these, hope your kids do too!

  3. Leah says:

    We just got a Tag reader and a few books ($5 from a friend didn’t want it anymore!). Do you know if they be used on all the stuff that goes with the new pen? Or are the things you’re mentioning all Tag products?
    Another Leap Frog strength is the fact that the volume has two levels. 🙂

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