C13 Mom: Love Is Not Rude

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After looking to see what the next character trait of love would be, I turned to my husband and said, “I don’t want to do C13 anymore.” He looked at me funny and asked why. I told him that “Love is not rude” is the next one, and I know that is one that I am not good at. Well I guess I am not rude in the way you might think, but I am often times short with the kids and that is a form of rudeness.

I have noticed lately how short my fuse is and how short my answers are in response to their questions. My children are like my husband and I – they are learners.  And it just so happens that learners ask questions, a LOT of questions. “Mom, what are we going to do next? What are we going to eat for supper? When is daddy going to come home? Why did God make spiders? Can I have a snack? Can we go to a friend’s house? Why does it have to rain today? When are we going to see Grandma next? Can I have a piece of candy?” And the list goes on and on. Each question by itself is good and completely okay for them to ask. However as the day goes on and the number increases and some questions get repeated, it can be harder and harder to answer their innocent questions in a kind way.

There have been several times in the last week when I was using the wrong tone to answer my kids’ questions, and I heard the Holy Spirit gently remind me that this is my job. I am their gateway to information. If I don’t take the time to answer their questions, they will seek for answers elsewhere. If I don’t answer the questions kindly and in a loving way, their little spirits could be damaged. They might begin to feel like they are not important to me, they annoy me or they are stupid for asking a question. Now, I am being a little bit extreme here, but over time if our responses to their questions always have a tint of rudeness to it, Satan will start planting seeds of doubt in their minds.

It all boils down yet again to a perspective change. Your primary job is to be their dictionary, encyclopedia, thought provoker, trainer, overall tour guide in life, theologian, judge and moderator. All these jobs come before striving to become Homemaker of the Year, Master Chef, Pinterest Queen or Facebook Connoisseur. Keep the right perspective on your primary job will help you respond correctly to the sweet, little, innocent interruptions.

This week’s homework:

  1. When you are annoyed by your child interrupting you, take a second to stop and take note of what you are doing and why you are annoyed. Is it because they are being naughty or because they are preventing you from doing what you want to do?
  2. Read James 3 this week
  3. Pick a verse to meditate on this week to help remind you to speak correctly with your kids.


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