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The following paragraph was in a devotional that I read on pride. It said it so well, I decided to share instead of figuring out how to say it in my own words.


“As for PRIDE, there is a difference between the kind of pride we feel for our country, our family and a job well done, and the destructive kind of pride that arises from being too self-absorbed. We can define that type of sinful PRIDE as “a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority”. And the reason that type of PRIDE is so dangerous is that it causes us to be so consumed with ourselves that we devalue others and leave no room for God. In essence, we take the credit for what God has done!….

But there are other–less obvious, manifestations of PRIDE as well, and none of them are healthy. It is the enemy of relationships and causes us to exhibit some very undesirable and destructive behaviors such as Stubbornness and Failing to Forgive. When we are in a state of PRIDE, we are reluctant to humble ourselves either before God, or in the eyes of others. This leads us to “hold our ground”, unwilling to put aside “self” in order to nurture the relationship.”


Pride is such a dangerous and blinding character trait. It will at some point lead to your total destruction, and pride can also take out those around you without you knowing it. Somehow Satan has tricked you into believing that every decision you make should factor in what is “good for you.” This is opposite of the greatest commandment God has called each of us to live. “Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself.” Servant leadership is what Jesus modeled for us – not the prideful leadership that the Pharisees tried to shove in the face of the people.

Pride leads you to believe that you do not have to compromise because the fact remains, “I am right, you are wrong and therefore I do not have to listen to you.” You fail to see that there might actually be another way to do something, perhaps even a better way.

Slowly but surely I am learning this concept in my marriage. As Nate pushes back and challenges me to think a different way, I have discovered that there isn’t always one clear way. It has been eye-opening to me that when I allow other’s voices to be truly heard, I am actually opening up my heart and allowing God to use His Holy Spirit to guide me. The more I am willing to compromise or consider another’s way, the more in tune I am with the Spirit. This leads to wiser decisions and fewer times I have to fix what could have been prevented in the first place.

Pride can also prevent me from seeking help when help can be the very medicine my soul needs. Have you been at a loss for what to do with a strong-willed child or a rambunctious two year old? Why not ask one who is wiser, older and has been there and done that with success? What is preventing you from taking that step?  Dare I say pride? Have you found yourself in a situation where you are becoming bitter or angry with a spouse? As you try to work things out, do things just get worse instead of better? What is preventing you from seeking help before everything is lost, or before you settle for just living with your spouse instead of acting as one united team? Would it be pride? Are you worried what others would think? Are you concerned that their opinion of you would decrease if they really knew what is going on?

Have you considered that we are all in the same boat? We all have things that we struggle with, that we are ashamed of! We all have secret sins that we desperately want to let go of, but pride is keeping us from those life changing steps. Dear friends, this is no way to live. We are called to be a community. We are called to support, encourage, challenge, convict, forgive, and love each other. Do not try to do life alone; that is the exact place Satan would have you stay so that he can eventually destroy you. Take the leap of faith, let go of your pride and ask for help.

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Homework this week:

  1. Read through the Pride verses and pick one that encourages you to let your pride go and ask for help.
  2. Make a list of frustrations in your own life, marriage and parenting. Pick one that you want to start making a change with today. Write down the reasons on why you have not sought help in this area. Pray that God would help you get over those reasons and trust that His plan is perfect. Ask God to give you the first step in solving this situation. Then make a plan to complete that step in the next 2 weeks. Once you complete the first step, make a plan for the next and complete that. You will find that as you continue to take small steps you will find freedom like you have never felt before.

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