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Long story short, Nate and I met in college. (Longer story will be saved for later 🙂 ) Nathan was starting his sophomore at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa when I entered as a freshman.  A family friend of my parents who just happened to be Nathan’s aunt informed him that he needed to make me feel welcomed at Drake. Well, let’s just say he did a great job!

We developed a wonderful friendship right away, and started dating about one and half years later. It is amazing what coffee and good books can do! One year after that we were engaged, and the following August we were married at my home church.  After the wedding and a Colorado honeymoon, we returned to school to finish up our pharmacy degrees.


When Nate graduated we moved to Kansas City where he had been accepted into KU’s two-year Pharmacy Management Residency. I completed my pharmacy rotations in the Kansas City area and graduated the following year. All along we had planned to move back to Iowa and probably to Des Moines to be a little closer to family, but God had another plan.

Soon after moving to KC we fell in love with a church. It ended up being the perfect fit for our differing needs in a church. We related to the teaching, loved the music, and met several friends we could ‘do life with’. By the time Nate was nearing graduation from KU we faced the decision of whether to stay or go back. Well, God closed every possible job opportunity we had in Iowa and Illinois and dropped a new one at the Kansas City VA into our lap. Nate took it, and he had an amazing opportunity for growth, development and training.

After about 2 years at another job, I joined him at the VA and worked very part time (12 hours/week) as the Women’s Health Pharmacist.  I loved my job and the women I worked with, and it was awesome eating lunch with my hubby.  Those were 5 good years, but when I got pregnant with our fourth child I did a lot of praying.  Many months (and lots of prayers) later, we felt like God was telling us that I needed to quit and be home full time. It was a hard decision, but there is no doubt in my mind it was the right one. I have loved every minute, well almost every minute, of being a stay at home mom and wouldn’t change it for anything. Staying home has opened many doors to teach my children and other moms.


About that same time, we felt like God gave us the word “Purpose” as our theme word for the year.  Nathan and I have always had a heart for improving our marriage and sharing what we learn with others.  We love to learn and we love to teach.  But this idea of “Purpose” has made us want to try even harder to make sure that everything we do is tied into the bigger purpose that God has for our life together.  It is a life of being intentional.  As I ‘retired’ from pharmacy to stay home with the kids, we felt that God was leading us to start a new adventure.  Eventually we realized that this adventure was to be Our Purposeful Life!


As of today, Nate has a new job and is the Director of Pharmacy at a local hospital. We are parents to two girls: Hannah, who is in second grade and Rebekah, who is in Kindergarten. Our two boys, Luke (4 years) and Jacob (1 year) are home with me. Our dear, sweet Hannah is the perfect example of a firstborn. She takes after her mommy and loves everything in order and done exactly how it is supposed to be done. She has the most tender heart and is a loving servant. Hannah is a great example of putting others’ needs before your own. Our second born Rebekah loves life and responds to things with lots of emotion. She always has a song in her heart that she is not afraid to share and is always game for trying something new. Rebekah, or Bekah as we call her, helps me to not take life so seriously and to just enjoy the moment. Our oldest boy and third child is Luke. He is all boy and loves learning. He is constantly exploring and figuring out how things work. He is the most grateful child and quickly offers praise and thankfulness. He reminds me to stop and just admire God’s beautiful creation. Our youngest, Jacob, is a true gift from God. He would not be here if I had not obeyed God and I will be forever grateful for this little blessing (more about this later in a post). Jacob is my most advernturous child. He is determined to keep up with his siblings and catches on very quickly. He is very social and likes to be a part of all that we do. We are excited to see how his personality progresses as he gets older.

We are very active in our church and are in charge of the neighborhood outreach. Throughout the year we will show you how our family is learning to step out of our comfort zone and share the love of Christ with others. Our hope is to equip you and challenge you to do the same in your own neighborhood or workplace.

We love holidays, love throwing parties and having friends and family over. We take celebrating to a whole new, fun level!! In the past year we have decided to start celebrating some of the well-known and not so well-known Jewish holidays to increase our knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament. We hope that you will join us and learn something new!

As you get to know us, we pray that you are encouraged and challenged to confidently fulfill the purpose God has for your life.

Be Blessed!


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